Nerd Watch Museum: Nerd Watches, Part Two

Citizen Digi-Ana Temp Citizen’s Successful Digital-Analog w/ Thermometer Watch.

Seiko TV Watch The One And Only, c. 1982.

Seiko D409 Seiko’s 1st “Data Bank”, 7-Memory, c. 1982.

Pulsar Y950 LCD over analog dial, full calendar, c. 1982.

Commodore LCD From their “Pet” era, about 1978.

Citizen Crystron Ana-Digi Analog w/ LCD & Alarm; c. 1979.

Citizen Seven Memo-Melody Stores alpha-numeric data & melody alarm; c. 1984.

Citizen Liquid Crystal Another of their early digitals, day/date, c. 1974.

Citizen Radio Watch aka Soundwich; Unusual AM and FM Tuning, Mono, c. 1985.

Citizen 4-098439 Early digital-analog from Citizen with multiple alarms, c. 1979.

Citizen 4-095081 Crystron LC One of their earliest, c. 1974.

NSC Chronograph $40, National Semiconductor Corp. in 1981.

NSC Six-Digit Alarm Early, Bulky 6-Digit w/ Alpha Date, c. 1979.

NSC Multi-Musical Icon & mode-laden LCD for gadget fans, c. 1979.

Orient Music Alarm Same Functionality of NSC w/ Japanese Module c. 1980.

NSC Alarm 4-digit basic alarm model, c. 1980.

Otron Solar Large Solartime with 6-digit chronograph, c. 1978.

Texas Instruments Dress Watch TI’s attempt at a sexed up LCD with mesh band, c. 1979.

TI Super-Slim Same functions, less sex appeal c. 1979.

Timex Slim Alarm/Chrono Pedestrian but affordable @ $14.95 in 1983.

TI Alarm/Chrono Familiar, solid multi-function LCD, c. 1980.

TI Chronograph Good value, basic 1/100″ chronograph, c. 1981.

Timex World Timer America’s watchmaker gets w/ the times in 1980.

Citizen Multi-Alarm First of the series & otherworldly for 1977.

TI Multi-Function Alarm/Chrono offering out of the LCD gate, c. 1979.

CompuChron All-LCD also sold under Unisonic; feature-rich digital hands @ $30 in 1983.

Omni Voicemaster alarm/chrono watch tells time with a robotic voice, c. 1982.

Rado Chrono-Quartz Swiss multi w/ “display correction”.

Sexum XXX Adult Melody Chrono The Only LCD chrono with porn; c. 1983.

Seiko A827 Sports Timer aka Yacht Timer Sports 100 multi-timer; 1983.

Seiko A828-6000 Speedmaster Sports Timer by Designer Giugiaro; 1985.

Alba Y823 Seiko-made voice vatch tells time in Japanese.

Armitron Digi-Ana Knock-Off of Seiko H127; c. 1981.

Citizen Crystron Another early LCD by Citizen w/ Day (in English & Kanji); c. 1974.

Armitron Dot Matrix Seiko D031 imitation w/ scrolling display; c. 1982.

LottoWatch Lottery Number Generator Watch; c. 1987.

Sensor Trilite Early LCD Alarm w/ Tritium Illumination; c. 1978.

Lotus Ana-Digi Another Multi-Function “Digital Hands” Watch; c. 1986.

Seiko A239 Dual Display World Time Watch with Map; 1980.

Pulse Watch Strange Japanese watch w/ pulse sensor; 1987.

Seiko A354 Calendar-Alarm displays full month calendar.

Seiko S229 Pulsemeter Wristwatch with Finger Touch Sensor to measure your heart rate.

Citizen Crystron Unusual brown finish on one of Citizen’s earliest digital watches.

Alba W339 Graphic display with 3 alarms, dual-time and timer.

Seiko D031 Dot Matrix Display System, with scrolling feature. c. 1980.

Seiko A714 Slick “Running Man” Sports Chronograph.

Seiko A829-6030 Silverwave series, multi-function controlled by rotating bezel. c. 1983.

Alba Y824 Japanese voice announces time, alarm, stopwatch. c. 1986.

Seiko S820 Ski Thermo with thermometer, alarm, timer, chronograph.

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  1. I have several Seiko 0634 and wear them now and then. I also have the odd plastic pulse timer watch. Bought it around 30 years ago and it still works (time and pulse).

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