Nerd Watch Museum: Nerd Watches, Part One

Casiotron Calendar 200 1978; 200 Year Calendar.

Casio DW-5000 The initial model for a long-running and popular series by Casio, 1983.

Casio Melody Multi-melody alarm, 11 Popular Songs, c. 1980.

Casio M-1230 Silvertone version of plastic Melody model.

Casio 79QS 1980 Universal Calendar, adjustable frequency alarm.

Casio AX-250 1980 Techy Digi-Ana Package w/ melody alarm/chime, Full Calendar.

Casio M-15 Later Casio pop song Melody Edition, c. 1984.

Casio W-400 aka Marlin Pre-G-Shock Mariner Model, c. 1980.

Casiotron 52QGS Casio Dress Watch Chronograph; $100, c. 1978.

Casio AA-85 LCD displayed hands, multi-alarm, c. 1980.

Casiotron X-1 Earliest multi-function Casiotron; World Time, c. 1977.

Casio 56QS Casio LCD Analog Timer/Chrono/Dual-Time, c. 1979.

Casiotron R-12 1976 Slim Dress Digital Casio.

Casio LM-5 Casio Yogi Bear Kids LCD; one of several using same module, c. 1981.

Casiotron ST Slim “Slim” designation Despite 11mm Case, c. 1978.

Casio TM-100 Casio FM Voice Transmitter Tx ~60ft @ 88-108 mHz, Alarm/Chrono, c. 1987.

Casio F-100 First 1/100″ Chronograph @ $25 price point and Casio’s earliest plastic watch, c. 1977.

Casio AE-11W Casio AE-11 Successful 50M model kept LCAs alive, c. 1987.

Casio W-23 Pre-G 50M model with Marlin graphic, c. 1980.

Casio AE-80 All-LCD marvel from the Master, c. 1985.

Casio TRN-100 Neat Casiotron Re-Issue; c. 1998.

Casio AA-86 Cool LCD w/ hands with dressy dial.

Casio TE-2500 Dictionary Translator Watch; c. 1983.

Casio CGW-91 Cosmo-Phase Displays Solar System; c. 1990.

Casio TSR-100 Thermo-Scanner; Hi-Tech directional temperature sensor; 1993.

Casio Moon Graph Another Astronomy Casio, Displays Moon Phases; 1990.

Casio T-2000 Japan release of the Dictionary-Translator Watch; c. 1983.

Casio RKA-5003 “Rookie” Adventure Club release of the Moon Graph for Japan market; 1990.

4 thoughts on “Nerd Watch Museum: Nerd Watches, Part One

  1. the info on the “Aliens” watches is incorrect. Ripley wore a 7A28-7000. Bishop wore a 7A28-6000. The pulsemeter was an S229-501A. And here’s some new information: Burke wore an H556-5050.

    • Thanks for the email! You’re right, I goofed on the module number it is indeed a 7A28 and not A728. I will fix that. I wasn’t aware of the H556, that’s interesting–I’ll have to give it a second look.

      Seiko did make an S229 and I had that impression initially too. But looking carefully at the display, it matches that of the S234–the “bump” in the line separator appears in the middle. The bump on the display on the S229 is on the left side.

      • Ha, yes I was sort of wrong about the Pulsemeter – I had to go downstairs to get mine. Shows I shouldn’t go from pure memory. They wore the S234-501A (I was half-right), and here’s mine:

        The H556-5050 I found along with another collector – after looking at Seiko catalogs and comparing models with screenshots, this was the only one that fit. It’s the one.

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