Casio PF-7000 Super Memory Computer

Yet another member of the Super Memory Computer line, this Casio PF-7000 pushes the limit in pocket calculating. We credit the dual panel construction and membrane keypad for its tiny size. But don’t let the size fool you, this dream machine has a dot matrix LCD display, can store memos and phone numbers, peform calculations and, yes, execute simple programs!

The Grandfather of Personal Data Assistants

In our opinion, this is one of the most exciting gadgets to reach the market from the Golden Age of electronics. The IF-8000 is the forefather of modern-day Personal Data Assistants, like the Palm Pilot and Visor. If offered data bank capability, date keeper, basic calculator functions and programming power. But the icing on the cake is the giant LCD touch-sensitive screen. By “writing” on the display with the pen-shaped stylus, the user can store personal memos, numbers, and even pictures in the IF-8000’s memory. The IF-8000 was very short-lived, sold briefly in 1987. We first spotted a giant box of these in a mid-town Manhattan electronics shop in the early 90’s, $10 apiece…didn’t purchase one and regretted it. Finally found another, this time at a downtown Miami electronics shop and scooped it up. Same price!

ASA CX-1 Flight Computer Calculator

This isn’t your everyday calculator, this is a pocket-sized flight computer! The Pathfinder’s large display is fundamental in determing ETAs and fuel consumption after the user enters vector information, speed and wind and other flight-related conditions. We’ve never heard of ASA, so we presume this company dealt with aeronautical products, rather than calculators. This one appears to have been manufactured in the mid to late ’80s.

Sharp Memowriter

This archaic device is an early attempt and pocket-sized word processing, coupled with calculating ability. It’s the Memowriter by Sharp. At first glance it appears to be an ordinary printing calculator, but this little gizmo, the EL-7001 has the note-taking capability of today’s Palm devices and can even print notes onto paper with its little internal printer. The keyboard is laid out in a familiar style QWERTY style keyboard. This is probably one of the smallest printing word processors ever made.

Casio Touch-Screen Calculator

If we had the ability (or the budget to present one) we have to award Casio in recognition to technological innovation. The PF-8000 is but one of many amazing gadgets churned out by this extraordinary company. This calculator was more of a computer and personal organizer (PDA in contemporary-speak) as it stored names and phone numbers, and could run basic programs! A significant achievement in its own rite, but we haven’t mentioned user input–it’s performed using a touch-sensitive keypad! That’s right, program your next hashing algorithm with the tip of your finger. The PF-8000 was one of many models in Casio’s Super Memory Computer line.