The Grandfather of Personal Data Assistants

In our opinion, this is one of the most exciting gadgets to reach the market from the Golden Age of electronics. The IF-8000 is the forefather of modern-day Personal Data Assistants, like the Palm Pilot and Visor. If offered data bank capability, date keeper, basic calculator functions and programming power. But the icing on the cake is the giant LCD touch-sensitive screen. By “writing” on the display with the pen-shaped stylus, the user can store personal memos, numbers, and even pictures in the IF-8000’s memory. The IF-8000 was very short-lived, sold briefly in 1987. We first spotted a giant box of these in a mid-town Manhattan electronics shop in the early 90’s, $10 apiece…didn’t purchase one and regretted it. Finally found another, this time at a downtown Miami electronics shop and scooped it up. Same price!

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