1980 Casio GM-10 Game Watch

In the early 1980s, we couldn’t get enough video games. We played them at the arcade, in restaurants, shopping malls and grocery stores, at home on the computer or on the TV, in handheld form and yes, even on a wristwatch. The game watch like this Casio Game-10 was the bane of every school teacher. But for students, this small, hidden pleasure made a dull lecture almost bearable.

The GM-10 was Casio’s earliest animated game watch. Using the two pushers on the right, you maneuver your ship and fire missiles to fend an alien attack. The Game-10 also features a chronograph and alarm. This model is usually black, the beige version offered here is an unusual color variation. Beautiful condition and a genuine “old stock” Casio band has been fitted to make this look perfect.

Make: Casio
Year of Manufacture: 1980
Model Number: GM-10 (“Game-10”)
Module Number: 165

$499 USD plus shipping. Payment accepted via Google Checkout or credit card. In person pickup available if you’re near Atlanta. Contact us for more information.

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