1983 Casio CD-40, The First Data Bank Calculator Watch

Rewind to 1983 and you could have purchased this gem in your local department store.  The marvelous CD-40, a 24-button multi-function watch, the first of its kind.  What does it do…calculator?  Check.  Alarm? Yep.  Stopwatch.  Hourly chime.  And Casio’s Data Bank feature.  Think of it as a note pad on your wrist.  Not so high tech today, but this watch is almost thirty years old!  Plastic case, genuine signed resin strap.  Works perfectly.

Make: Casio
Year of Manufacture: 1983
Model Number: CD-40
Module Number: 246

$169 USD plus shipping. Payment accepted via Google Checkout or credit card. In person pickup available if you’re near Atlanta. Contact us for more information.

8 thoughts on “1983 Casio CD-40, The First Data Bank Calculator Watch

  1. I give this watch as a present to my son long time ago unfortunately he lost it and know he is looking for the same watch because it means a lot to him because was the first watch I gave him and he always remember me

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