The Boombox Future?

You’re viewing a hopeful vision of the future in portable stereos. Many thanks to Dwayne Colon for dreaming up these amazing designs.

Sophisticated Sony Concept design with twin mini-disc recorders! We’re big fans of the multi-colored digital display.

Bred from good stock, this is the RC-M100, a descendant of the classic JVC RC-M90. This one is improved by offering 10 inch woofers, graphics equalizer and dual cassettes.

Look familiar? This JVC resembles a model from 1983 but has been enhanced with modern-day bells and whistles. Cassettes replaced with mini discs recorders and a 10-band eq. But thankfully, the backlit display for the tape controls remains intact. Indeed, the wood accents are a nice touch.

Say hello to the Holy Grail of tomorrow: Panasonic’s RX-5350 Rev. B. Inspired by the legendary RX-5350 but this one has a digital displays for clock and tuner and yes, a fluorescent display for the equalizer! Don’t rush off to buy one just yet, this is but an idea in Dwayne’s head.

Twenty years have passed and the classic GF-777 has evolved in a big way. Now sporting a matte black finish, digital controls and mini-disc recorders we can only guess the sound is even better than it was. But thankfully the super woofers remain intact so it’s guaranteed to be just as loud.

Ocassionally, companies re-issue products purely for sentimental purposes. This Conion ghettoblaster would be a perfect example. This C100-FXL remains true to the original, only a few enhancements have been made, like 10 inch woofers and a equalizer. Like the red or would you prefer the traditional silver?

Sony walkman fans will remember the legendary Boodo Khan walkman, but imagine that deep bass emanating from this beast! That’s right, it’s the Sony Boodo Khan in boombox form.

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