Sharp HK-9000 From North Bay, Ontario

Chris in North Bay, Ontario provides another rare system, Sharp’s HK-9000. The detacheable speakers are wood, there’s an LCD clock with a timer, and this thing is heavy! We’d appreciate any information you have on when this model was released, where, MSRP, etc. Thanks Chris!

6 thoughts on “Sharp HK-9000 From North Bay, Ontario

  1. I believe about 1988-89. I had one. don’t know price cuz girlfriend at time bought me one.. I wanna say 400 watt max and that has a speed slider that will control the plat speed of the deck on the right. I’ve alway wanted another one

  2. Would you believe I just got one a few weeks ago. Not this but a Sigma s1011. Basically this radio but different brand name. Needed work and missing speaker grills but hey I have one again.

      • Wow,… $300 was a lot then. I still have my Sigma s1011 and it is still working fine. I’ve added a few more radios to my collection now. a few more now. having 8 is an overkill but on the plus side I will always have a box by my side outside.

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