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Electronics giant Toshiba (originally known as Tokyo Shibaura) announced their stereo Walky shortly after Sony’s release of the original TPS-L2 Walkman. The stereo Walky surpassed the offerings of the Walkman by its unique radio built into a cassette shaped case. One could pop this radio module into their Walky to catch FM or remove it to play cassettes. The gimmick lasted a few years until competing models arrived with built-in AM/FM tuning. In 1986, Toshiba offered the first personal stereos with digital tuning (the same year they introduced the world’s first laptop computer).

l-r: Toshiba KT-S2 w/ RP-S2 FM tuner pack, KT-AS1 w/ RP-AF2 AM/FM tuner pack, KT-4056, KT-PS5, KT-S1 w/ RP-A2 AM tuner pack

l-r: TP-RS1 External Module with RP-AF2 AM/FM Tuner Pack; KT-RS1; KT-4076; KT-AS10 with RP-AF5 FM Stereo Tuner Pack.

l-r: ’80s US, Japan and Canada & Toshiba portable stereo catalogs.

3 thoughts on “Toshiba Collection

  1. While looking through some old 45 records that I had stored I came across my old
    Toshiba AM/FM Stereo cassette player model KT-A930 made in China. The darn thing still works and sounds very good. The only thing that is wrong with it is the cover that holds the cassette is missing one of its hinge pins, (a plastic part that has broken).
    Do you know of any parts that may be available to replace the broken pin?

  2. Any idea how to set the radio station buttons on the KT-4066? My 92 year old dad recently downsized homes and had help packing and we can’t find his user manual. He never threw away a user manual, ever, as long as he still owned an item. Anyway, anyone know how to set those radio buttons?

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