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We owe much gratitude to Sony, for they were responsible for making the personal stereo cassette player a reality. For over 25 years, Sony has been bringing a personal, portable stereo music experience to our ears–creativity and innovation have continued to make Walkman a useful product to everyone. Walkman has reached pop icon status and become a symbol of youth, individuality and freedom. In 1979 Sony warned, “Remember the name: Walkman.” How could we forget?

l-r: Sony TPS-L2, SRF-30W, SRF-80W w/ Portable Stereo Speaker System, WM-3EX

l-r: Sony WM-R2 (black & silver), WM-7, WM-5, WM-F2

l-r: Sony WM-10, WM-20, WM-F20, WM-F10, WM-F5

l-r: Sony WM-R15, SRF-33W, WM-10II w/ Box, WM-10II, WM-10RV

l-r: Sony WM-F15, WM-DDI, WM-W800, WM-F70 w/ Box

l-r: Sony SRF-A1, WM-16 w/ Box, WM-F8 w/ Box

l-r: Sony SRF-19W, DD-100 (“Boodo Khan”), WM-D3, WM-F100, WM-F100III

1980s & 1990s Sony Walkman Brochures

1999 Walkman Anniversary Sticker Set

Is it a car stereo or a Walkman? Sony’s Music Shuttle from 1983.

2 thoughts on “Sony Collection

  1. Hi There,

    I am the assistant stage manager of a forthcoming world premiere production of American Psycho: The Musical at the Almeida Theatre in Islington, London. We are trying to get hold of a Sony Walkman c.1989 – something like the WM-501, preferably in silver/chrome. It does not need to be in working condition. Any suggestions as to where I could find one to buy?


    • Hello Anastasia,

      I believe the Walkman used in the film “American Psycho” was a Sony WM-D6 or WM-D6C. But a silver or gray Walkman would probably be more suitable for a stage performance. Try the collector forum at . There are several collectors in the UK who will have something that meets your need.

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