Sanyo Collection

We look back at Sanyo as an “also ran” during the Walkman heyday but the make’s models offered decent sound quality and plenty of features, usually below the MSRP of the leaders’ models. “Sanyo” translates to three oceans in English. In the early ’80s, their personal stereo line was a strong one worldwide but success for the company petered out in North America and Europe. Sanyo continued in Japan and returned to worldwide distribution in the ’90s with a super-cheap discount line.

l-r: Sanyo M-4440; MR-G1; M-5550; M-G12.

l-r: Sanyo MR-JJII; M-G34DTA; JJ-F30 Suteki.

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  1. how much is a sanyo MG7 stereo cassette player mini-size brand new in the packaging worth? Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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