2 thoughts on “1982 Panasonic Releases

  1. I owned 2 Panasonic way units from the ’82 era, the silver SJ1 and black KJ1. Sadly the first died and the second was stolen. My favourite and treasured one was the SJ1 and I would pay good money if anyone still has one in fairly good condition to sell. Here’s hoping.

  2. I had a national model with one battery , dolby , xbass, treble and bass tuning with am/fm ratio. i dont see any photos of that model. it was amazing walkman and i lost it after it got broken and could not repair the outer shell. but it was a great walkman which even today i could not find the quality of it. it had all smds mounted it it and with auto reverse functionality with non stop auto reversere o. Color was fully metallic black and with metallic nunbering. i dont remember the model.

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