Nerd Watch Museum: Calculator Watches, Part One

Casio CA-951 1982 calc watch w/ 4 alarms, 2 melodies.

Casio J-100 aka the Coach, the Jogging Computer, the Pace Runner, 1981 runner’s calc watch with speed, distance, etc.

Casio CD-40 Casio’s first databank with storage, c. 1983.

Casio CA-95 Black plastic version of CA-951.

Casio CFX-200 Casio’s first scientific calc watch, c. 1983.

Casio CFX-40 Slim scientific calculator watch, c. 1985.

Casio CFS-80 Wafer calc watch, ultra-slim, light-weight, c. 1985.

Casio CA-502 Goldtone version of Casio’s basic calc, c. 1985.

Casio C-801 c. 1980; Casio’s first metal calculator watch, c. 1980.

Casio C-80 Casio’s first calc watch, black plastic version of the C-801.

Casio C-70 Early calculator with 6-digit display.

Casio TC-500 Touch Sensor Cal, First screen touch-sensitive calculator watch, c. 1983.

Casio CFX-20 Black plastic version of CFX-200.

Casio AT-550 aka Finger-Trace, Janus; “Reads” numeric input on touch-sensitive crystal, c. 1983.

Casio TC-600 Second release of touch screen cal, c. 1985.

Casio DBX-100 Dot-matrix data-bank & calculator, c. 1985.

Casio DBC-600 Casio’s legendary Telememo model, c. 1985.

Casio CM-321 MetCon Metric Converter & Cal converts metric & imperial measurements.

Casio TC-50 Black plastic version of the Touch Sensor Cal.

6 thoughts on “Nerd Watch Museum: Calculator Watches, Part One

  1. Nice watches, I wish I can still have mine, the Casio Data Bank DBC-62, and also I miss my Casio W-24A Marlin, my third Casio watch in the 80s after my Casio F-7 and the Casio F-10

  2. In 85 my uncle bought me matt black dbc telememo replete with angled face skinny dimensions and “key” key on the touchpad. Can’t remember the exact line number but what I wouldn’t give for that model!

  3. Any chance of purchase the DBX-100 from you? I got one from long ago but all the rubber panel got melted away… looking for replacement but not available.
    So good to see one that is in a good condition… Thanks for sharing.

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