1980 Pulsar Calculator Watch

We discovered a two-tone all-metal, made in Japan calculator wristwatch on the shelf in a midtown Manhattan electronics store recently, literally gathering dust. As iPhone and digital camera accessories moved briskly from adjacent shelves and into shoppers’ hands, we realized the public had dismissed yesterday’s technological marvels like this one.

Fortunately, with new batteries this Pulsar (made by Seiko) is running like new. All functions work perfectly: alarm, stopwatch, calculator and the display that illuminates by a tiny bulb. Selectively pushing The tiny buttons poses a challenge for the average finger, but Seiko planned for that: a small stylus ejects from the bracelet clasp, perfectly designed for the tiny controls.

Make: Pulsar (movement by Seiko)
Year of Manufacture: 1980
Model Number: Y739-5019

4 thoughts on “1980 Pulsar Calculator Watch

  1. Any chance you could confirm the battery size? I have one of these and the equivalent Alba but my assortment of batteries are too thick. Also, any chance you’d sell any of your watches?

  2. This was the absolutely best watch I ever owned. Finally had to give it up when some of the buttons became non-functional. Sad day.

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