1979 Bone Fone

One of the many great inventions publicized by the incredible JS&A Group, the Bone Fone put a unique spin on personal stereos–with its wrap-around design unique speaker placement, the vibrations “resonate through your bones–all the way to the sensitive bones of your inner ear” giving the listener breathtaking sound.

The Bone Fone was one of the many novelty radios reaching a niche radio buyers back in the ’70s and early ’80s. Joggers, cyclists and disco roller skaters loved the convenience of the handy little radio while exercising; techno-weenies like us appreciated the unusual approach toward high quality stereo sound. The Bone Fone wasn’t cheap–it cost over $70 US but included lycra sleeves in an array of colors and even a fabric pattern to create your own.

The Bone Fone’s interest was short-lived, as most wound up in tag sales when the Walkman boom hit in the early ’80s. Today, the personal stereo’s capabilities have reached urban legend level proportions though in all likelihood, one could probably get the same effect by breaking a set of headphones in half and taping each end to one’s chest. The radios are in high demand and probably fetch the same as what one would have paid when they were initially sold.

8 thoughts on “1979 Bone Fone

  1. I am hearing impaired and the Bone Fone is the best radio I have ever heard. I would like to find one and buy one. I would also be interested in information for acquiring the patent.

    • i’m looking for one to, I haven’t found one yet either.
      if you come across a couple send me a message i would love to buy one.

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