Jimmy’s RC-550

Jimmy in Montreal valiantly won this classic JVC RC-550 in a fierce auction on eBay a while back. It’s a rare piece and one of a select few equipped with a 10″ woofer. There’s a little directional microphone up top, a fine tuning knob in the front and five bands of radio coverage. In case you were wondering, this model records and plays back in mono only.

One thought on “Jimmy’s RC-550

  1. I just fixed up my old Sharp x-bass classic mid late 80’s machine. They two tapes stacked on each other so you get perfect copies in terms of warble free! Sharp idea! haha. A guy I let use my couch for years kinda incurred issues..the headphone jack switch got stuck from a hair in there and wouldn’t return to where the speakers would work again. The woofer surround started to come apart with layers of dust on it… the belt loose of course on the tape machine..antenna broke…bad solder joints on power supply from being set down hard too much…. anyway got it all fixed up nice again and in the process thought i was buying another but got a ‘similar search’ item…that looks just like it without the x-bass. haha. So maybe i can use it with my g/f and we can do a video strutting along with his/her boom boxes :-). It just needed a belt. The WQ-T222 that one is called “Twincam”. WQ-T354 is the Xbass one I purchased I thought in 1987 to replace my DAK one that I had rigged w/ lead acid batteries some knucklehead ripped off. Loved that thing with the four speakers it was a little better sounding I think but oh well.

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