Panasonic RX-C300

Panasonic’s massive and loud RX-C300 had a spectrum analyzer too! Bailey in Sydney emailed this gem found for $90AUS (what a bargain) and provides this information: “it features a 4 band Tuner, (AM FM SW1 SW2) Phono Input, Aux Input & a Line Out. It has a Single Auto Reverse Logic Controlled Cassette Deck w/ music search a 5 band Equalizer. The Amplifier in it is the best i have seen yet in any portable unit, having 30W RMS per channel (uses 2 Hybrid ICs whereas nearly all others use Monolithic ICs like the BA,HA,LA,TDA series of output ics) which is coupled to the detatchable 3 way speakers 6.5″ woofers + 2″ tweeters that are in wooden boxes. The system break to four pieces: speakers, amp and cassette unit.” Thanks Bailey!

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    • Hello PCS members. I am looking for a free download manual for my RX C300. It would greatly be appreciated. My boombox is in mint condition and would love to have the service and/or user manual.


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