1989 Panasonic RX-CT950

This ’89 Panasonic RX-CT950 is from the “Fall” of this period. Panasonic was one of the last manufacturers still aiming to provide nice big sound in a quality package. This system offers an LCD readout, detachable speakers and a handy remote. It’s part of the “Platinum Collection.”

One thought on “1989 Panasonic RX-CT950

  1. My parents sent this model to me for, I think, Christmas of 1990, during my years in Charlottesville, Virginia. I connected my bulky c. 1987 Quasar portable CD player to its speakers and cannot count the thousands of hours I used it ever since.

    Several days ago, it gave up the ghost – after almost 23 1/2 years of near-daily service, in latter years, with FM antenna long since snapped off and cassette decks long since neglected, most often used for surrogate speakers for the Internet radio stations and CDs I play over my Acer laptop PC – and even as a white-noise generator thanks to the fuzz-only aspect of the FM tuner.

    A quarter-century on, I am at a loss as to what I might buy to succeed it – “replace” would seem other than possible, alas, at this point.

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