Marc’s JVC Quintet

Thanks, Marc in Saint Thomas, Ontario for this great shot of the JVC Quintet! This is the PC-5, sold around the turn of the decade. It breaks down to five pieces and is awfully heavy! Apparently, the Harlem Globetrotters starred in a commercial for this system way back when. In the unlikely event someone has it on tape, PLEASE CONTACT US!!

5 thoughts on “Marc’s JVC Quintet

    • Dario, I know of one for sale currently if you’re still looking. It would have to ship from Texas, so price (~200) plus shipping ($?) would be quite a bit.

  1. I bought my Quintet when they first came out and still have it. Purchased it in San Francisco. Brought it with me when I moved to Maui in ’91 and now have it in Alabama in 2018. Continues to put out great sound. One of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Have had many opportunities to replace it over the years but can’t bear to part with it.

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